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 When you are Sick,Tired and have suffered too long then come

Experience the difference your Physical, Mental and Emotional problems with Homeopathy


Homeopathy consultancy service is provided pursuant to California SB-577 and section  2053.5 and S 2053.6 of the Business and professions code. Homeopaths are not licensed by the state of california as physician or surgeon or healing arts practitioner. 

Discover Homeopathy

  • It works well in both acute and chronic conditions    
  • There are no side effects  
  • Safe for babies and people of all ages
  • Preventive remedies which strengthen the immune system and is highly individualized.  
  • Homeopathy complements other modes of healing                         

Homeopathy helps in the following conditions 

  • Childhood complaints including temper tantrums, teething, colic nappy rash, delayed development autism
  • For teenagers and young adults with acne, mood swings.
  • For young women period pains, dysmenorrhoea painful periods, irregular periods, sterility.
  • pregnant women- nausea vomiting associated with pregnancy, labor pains prenatal and postnatal ailments
  • older women--  Menopause, Rheumatoid ailments, pains and aches, back pain
  • Recurrent Respiratory and Sinus Infections with allergies and Asthma
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Skin Conditions
  • Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attack
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